Many times we go into prayer with the mindset that we have to dump all of our needs and wishes on God like he is a genie in a bottle. 

When entering prayer time with God, he is not there to grant each and every one of our wishes. In fact, God has a plan for each of us, and unless we stop to listen to his guidance, we will continue to miss the amazing blessings he has planned for us.

Over the years, I have learned the hard way, from being extremely stubborn, that trying to take control and hold tight to the steering wheel of life always end with a crash and burn of some sort.

Many of the low times in my life have been the direct result of me trying to take control and figure it out on my own, while many of the most amazing g blessings have been the direct result of lifting my hands off of the wheel and letting God take control.

This has been accomplished mostly by quietly entering prayer, asking God for guidance then sitting there in silence listening for Gods response and guidance.

With the stress and noise in this world as well as internally, it is sometimes a very difficult task, but it is vitally important to quiet your mind and space so you can hear Gods still small voice.

I often explain it as the enemy has to be loud and yell from a distance to get your attention, but God quietly whispers in your ear because he is always right there beside you. 

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to quiet my mind enough to hear God through all the noise. It feels as if there is a brick wall between me and God. At times like this I open up to him and tell him, Lord, I am feeling distant today. With all of the stress, anxiety, and noise both inside and in the world around me, I need you to pull me close. Let me feel your presence Lord.

When this happens, you need to just keep pushing forward away from the noise around you and toward the quietness that will allow you to finally hear Gods voice as he speaks to your heart.

Be quiet, listen, and let God control you !!!!!

Until Next Time…..