Throughout my life, I have witnessed Gods amazing power and undeniable love !!!

Thinking back over the years and the amount of struggles I have had with anxiety and panic attacks that led to extreme weight loss, social anxiety, and deep rooted mental torture, it is an absolute miracle that I never fell into drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. 

God has a plan, and I can feel that I am standing at the base of a massive movement in my life because I am turning it all over to Him.

Lord use me and allow me to do your work in amazing and grand ways !!!!!

When I was laying in the hospital bed for a week in 2013, quarantined from everyone including those closest to me, it was just me and God.

I had a deep prayer asking him not to take me because there was more that I wanted to do. 

I was not done yet.

I was correct, I was not done yet, but what I did not recognize at the time is that what I thought I had left to do was only a fraction of what God has left for me to do. 

Friends, there is so much more and I know it has only started.

When I look back over my lifetime of the times I was close to leaving this earth early, it is evidence that God is not done yet.


He is not done yet with you either..

Get into the word, get into conversation with God, and let him speak into you. Be silent and listen.

Every day we have the opportunity to witness Miracles.