We are all different in some special way.

We all have something unique inside of us, waiting to be released into the world.

That special something that can touch others, lift others, and help others.

What is it that makes you different?

What is it that makes you special?

Don't be mistaken, we are all special in our own unique way.

So what is it that you can give to the world that can help motivate and inspire others. What is it that you have inside of you that if given the spark, can ignite a change in the world?

Sometimes we find that it is not easy to see the thing inside of us that can help others when we lack the self awareness and confidence. Many times others see more in us than we see in ourselves. 

Be sure to take notice when someone sees something in you that you might have overlooked or taken for granted. It is easy to ignore the fact that you have a special gift because you believe that if you have the gift, then everyone must have that same gift.

It might be just that special gift that when shared with the world can change someone's life.

I challenge you to take some time to look deep inside of yourself to examine what it is that God gave you that is unique to you. 

Once you find it, share it with the world, because there is someone out there that is searching for that one thing that only you have. 

Be amazing...

Be great...

Be Bold As Lions !!!!!

Until Next Time...