As I was looking through a box of cables and electronics recently, I found a random piece of notebook paper folded in half. 

When I opened it, the top of the page had the words "Make a difference - Leave Your Mark" in large letters. I continued reading and realized that this was an article I had written in my early twenties, and never published.

We often hear people ask, "If you could sit down with your younger self, what advice would you give the younger version of you?" or some variation of that question.

The article that I found was interesting, because it was a moment when the younger version of myself was able to sit down and give the older self some advice. 

What I had written was powerful, and was a very important reminder to the older me.

Powerful enough that I decided to share it with you.

Make a difference - "Leave Your Mark"

Many people live their lives, only to find when they look back, that they regret never making an impact.

Many of them feel that they have not left some contribution to the world. If you are blessed to make it to your later years in life, don't look back and wish you had done more to make a positive impact. Make it a point to "Leave Your Mark"! Each of us have different talents and our own reason for being here on earth. Many, however, never find their true meaning, therefore they are never able to leave the mark they were meant to leave in this world. 

You can begin by figuring out what your interests are. For some, their interest is helping others in need. For others, they are interested in politics. Whatever their interests, some people are able to figure out what it is they are interested in and use it to make a difference.  

It is never too late to "Leave Your Mark". If you are looking back and regretting the fact that you have never made the positive contribution you know you were meant to make, what are you waiting for? Get out there and leave your mark in this world! 

We are all born with the same opportunity to leave our mark. It is up to each of us to grab that opportunity, and make a difference.

Until Next Time...