Walking away from a twelve year career then quickly realizing the path I chose to take was not the right one was an incredibly stressful period of time, but as I would soon find out, it was only the beginning.

It was only the beginning of one of the most painful times in my life, but also the most humbling periods of growth.

As the next couple of years passed, I was struggling to find my way. Not only in my career, but also within myself.

I was so attached to the career that I had for so many years, that it was almost like I felt that is who I was, and when I left, I lost a part of me. 

In reality, I believe that I wanted to leave the career I had so bad that I took whatever route opened up, and when it did not work, I was afraid I would crash and burn.

What I failed to realize is that this had less to do with me, and more to do with God's plan. 

He was my parachute, but I did not see it at the time.

He was my teacher, but I failed to see the lesson at the time.

He was my guide, but I failed to follow at the time.


Though it is my life's book, he is the author, but I failed to realize he was writing the pages at the time.

Every bit of stress, worry, and fear along the way was preparing me by stripping me down, humbling me, and finally making me hit my breaking point to realize just how much I really do need God.

When I was at that breaking point, I turned to my wife...

She looked at me and said, I love you, I am hear for you, but there is nothing more I can do for you...

This is between you and God !!!

That single sentence was one of the most powerful things a person has ever said to me.

I got on my knees beside the bed, and yelled at God.

I yelled as loud as I could from the deepest parts of my soul with tears rolling down my face.

I can't do this alone. You need to show me the way God. 

This was the start of the Growth Through The Storm !!!

Until Next Time...