There is one thing we all know for sure in this life, at some point in time, we will all go through a storm.

Sometimes storms can feel like we are alone on a small boat in the middle of a hurricane, with waves crashing and the boat quickly filling up with water.

Though it might seem like you are alone in the storm, as a follower of Christ, you must believe that the Lord is there guiding you and watching over you.

Looking back through the different storms in my life, I believe that there was a lesson in each of them, and sometimes God might sit on the mountaintop watching as I go through the storm to make sure I don't sink, but at the same time letting me go through the storm until I understand the lesson that was to come from that storm. 

But at the breaking point, when I drop to my knees and surrender, it's like I am asking God into the boat with me, and he begins to guide me.

Over the years, I have learned that when a storm hits, there is no quick way through the storm.

It takes patience and a willingness to trust the process along the way. 

The process includes, pain, growth, lessons, and ultimately victory if you continue to push forward. 

What might appear to be a loss, can be later looked at as a victory if you are open to learning the lesson that came from the middle of the storm.

The next time you are going through a storm, remember to be patient and trust that God is there to guide, protect, and teach you.

Until Next Time...