For those that follow my social media accounts, you know that I am coming up on the end of my 30 Days Of Gratitude Quotes, where I have been sharing a gratitude quote each day for 30 days.

This has been an incredible journey for myself and my hope is that it also helps others along the way. 

In the end, this is a way for me to help others change their perspective and appreciate what God has blessed them with, but truthfully it helps me as much or more. My own growth is key to being able to help others.

We are on this journey together.

I have found that changing my perspective and practicing daily gratitude has had a positive impact on me.

Anxiety, which is something I have struggled with since childhood, is rooted in the lack of control and worry for things that may or may not happen. 

By changing my perspective and looking at my day through the lens of gratitude, I direct that gratitude toward God and in turn place more trust in him, that he will fight my battles for me, and provide for my family.

This change in perspective has reduced the amount of anxiety, and provided me with more peace for what I have.

If we cannot be grateful for what we have now, how can we expect God to bless us with more abundance, knowing that gratitude is something we lack?

The most recent move my family and I have made, was the most stressful, as we moved from North Carolina to Florida. At times we even questioned the decision, but all the while, we prayed and stepped forward in bold faith.

Today we visited a new Church in Florida and through the amazing conversations we had after the service, it is quite easy to understand there was and always is much more to our moves than what we ever can see.

When you move in bold faith, you provide God with the opportunity to bless you and guide you into the next level. 

When you practice gratitude, you allow your heart and mind to recognize these blessings as a catalyst to even more abundance, joy, and resources to help others.

As you go through your week, take some time to list the people and things that you are grateful for.

As I come to an end of my 30 Days Of Gratitude Quotes in just three days, I will write a follow up article and release all 30 gratitude quotes for you to refer back to.

Also as a follow up to the 30 Days Of Gratitude Quotes, I am finishing up a Gratitude ebook as well as a gratitude challenge. 

This journey has just begun, but God has been intentional on the mission to help uplift others.

As I said in the past, this is my life story, but God is the author.

Thank you for letting me share this story with you.

Until Next Time.....