While I was a Customer Solutions Engineer, I spent twelve years stressing over every detail in fear of making a mistake and losing my job. During these years, the anxiety of not completing an installation on time, not handling a customer’s issue or a customer not being satisfied with the service I provided was crippling at times. 

I understood at the time how incredibly hard I am on myself and how unrealistic it is to have happy customers at all times and to not have things happen out of my control that could delay an installation, repair, or solution.

Why is it then that I continued to put so much pressure on myself?

I always want to be perfect…

I know, just writing that sounds ridiculous…

No one is perfect, yet I continue to set the standard for myself of perfection which in the end can only lead to disappointment in myself and continuous anxiety.

The ironic thing about the stress and anxiety I put on myself throughout the time that I was with FujiFilm is that in 2018, after twelve years, I put in my notice and quit.

The job that I stressed over losing for all those years, I walk away from in pursuit of a new path that I really had no idea how clear it was or what it looked like. I just know I was headed out in my own with a partner in life insurance.

What was all the anxiety about over that previous twelve years?

I ask myself that and remind myself as much as I can, that type of stress and anxiety is not healthy.

When I first started working at FujiFilm, my coworker and friend had noticed my level of anxiety over stressful situations.

He pulled me to the side one day and asked me a very good question that I will never forget.

He asked…

In twenty years from now, will the thing your stressing about right now really matter? If so, then it's worth worrying about. If not, then forget it.

I later learned exactly what that question meant when I left in 2018. The things I worried about so much were in fact things that did not matter even twelve years later, let alone twenty.

Especially when many of the things I stressed about were out of my control.

So I will leave you with this.

Control the things that are in your control, and do not worry about the things that are out of your control.

Master this and life will be less stressful and full of anxiety.

Until Next Time…