After leaving a career that for twelve years was more of a lifestyle, dictating every moment of my day, suddenly I found my system shocked. I did not know how to structure my day, or even what clothes to wear.

This was something I never knew would hit me, and I was in no way prepared for it.

As I began my life insurance journey, there were many wins and losses, but most of all, lessons learned.

When I went out on my own, I partnered with a million dollar earner. He partnered up with me and began mentoring me. I thought I finally made the connection I needed until one day during a conversation he said something that floored me.

He told me that if I wanted to build a successful agency, I would have to tell my wife and son that for the next two years, they would have to do everything without me. From weekend trips and vacations to my son's sports and date nights with my wife, everything would have to be sacrificed to build my business. 

This was an important tipping point in my journey. There I stood at the pathway to a successful life insurance business with a mentor who has already made it, but knowing that for the next couple years I would miss out on my family and they would be missing out on me.

There was no way I was going to sacrifice my wife and son for any amount of money.

It just was not going to happen.

I always have and always will want to give my family the best of me. That includes all aspects, not just financially. 

This new path I set out on suddenly came to a dead end that appeared to be more of a brick wall for me mentally and emotionally.

I knew that particular route was not right for me, and had no idea what way to move, but I knew I was not traveling down a road that could damage the relationship with my family.

For any amount of money…

So here I was falling and wondering where I was going to land. This was a time of uncertainty, doubt, and sometimes the feeling of going back, but I kept pressing forward. 

Should I go back to my old career? Maybe this was the wrong choice? What if I don't find my way? So many thoughts of doubt started to consume me, but each time I thought of going back, I instantly got a deep anxious feeling. I knew that was not an option.

The only option I had was to continue moving forward down the path unknown. 

I knew this was a critical moment where I had to turn to God. 

Was my my prayer life strong enough?

Was my faith strong enough?

I had been through trials in the past, but I was about to find out how strong my faith was and how much growth I had to gain.

Until Next Time…