Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com have partnered to launch .blockchain domains

Unstoppable Domains has introduced .blockchain, the newest domain ending on Unstoppable Domains. It’s your chance to own [yourname].blockchain to make it even simpler to send and receive crypto as well as interact across web3. Like every other UD domain, .blockchain domains are minted on the Polygon blockchain with no minting fees and no renewal fees. Once you buy an NFT domain, it’s yours forever.

Be one of the first to pick your favorite domain on the Unstoppable site.

Free .blockchain domains for Blockchain.com Wallet users

Unstoppable Domains wants to help unlock the potential of NFT domains for Blockchain.com’s millions of wallet users.  That’s why in the coming weeks, Blockchain.com Wallet users will be able to get a free .blockchain domain from the Blockchain.com Wallet . Sign-up for their waitlist today and be among the first to get your .blockchain NFT domain for free.

Thank you Blockchain.com for working on a more accessible Web3 with us

We’re immensely grateful to all of our friends at Blockchain.com for being part of our first-ever branded NFT domain. By partnering with us to give each of their Wallet users a free .blockchain domain, Blockchain.com is contributing greatly to our mission to onboard the world to the decentralized web. As we look for new ways to connect Unstoppable Domains with the broader Web3 ecosystem, we’re taking a giant step  towards a Web3 that’s accessible to all. - Unstoppable Domains 

This is an huge step forward for Web3 domain acceptance and a huge partnership for Ultimate Domains to continue bringing their use case to the masses by partnering with Blockchain.com and offering the Blockchain.com members a Web3 domain name for FREE. 

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