First 3nm ASIC Miners Revolutionize Market

The global crypto market is currently abuzz with the recent launch of the first ever series of 3nm 

ASIC miners by Bitramo, a crypto-startup. The company’s three products Ramo 1, Ramo 2, and 
Ramo X are already making a huge impact with their exceptional capabilities.  

While designing their mining rigs, Bitramo focused heavily on hash rate and this has turned out 
to be a major factor differentiating Bitramo miners from other products. Ramo 1, Ramo 2, and 
Ramo X are capable of mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero; offering hash rates that
are unmatched in the industry. 

                            Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero     
Ramo 1:             360 TH/s      30 GH/s      2 GH/s         2MH/s        
Ramo 2:             750 TH/s      70 GH/s      5 GH/s         5 MH/s       
Ramo X:            2250 TH/s    210 GH/s   15 GH/s       15 MH/s     

In spite of delivering extraordinary hash powers, Bitramo miners are extremely efficient. The 
power consumptions for Ramo 1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X are 550W, 900W, and 2200W 
respectively. As a result of their high hash rates and moderate power consumptions, these rigs are more profitable than any other mining hardware created so far. Many users have been able to recover their investment fully within just one month. 

Calculated per month profit using these miners are 

                           Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero     
Ramo 1:              $1900           $1400         $2200          $2500        
Ramo 2:              $4000           $3500         $5700          $6600           
Ramo X:             $12,300        $10,500      $17,000       $20,000

Apart from their high mining efficiency and profitability, Bitramo miners have also received a lot
of traction because of their ease of use. The company is on a mission to make the benefits of 
crypto mining available to all by eliminating its complexities. All Bitramo miners are super easy 
to use, even without any knowledge or prior experience of crypto mining. In order to get started, 
users are just required to connect the units to a power socket as they come pre-configured. Also, 
compared to other products in the market, these miners have minimum system requirements. 

Bitramo miners are currently available for shipping all over the world, with an average delivery 
time of just 7 days. All products come with a comprehensive warranty against all types of 
software and hardware issues. There is also a 30 days money back guarantee for all purchases.  

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