Can RadioShack Bring Cryptocurrency To The Mainstream

The history of RadioShack spans over 100 years. When thinking of longevity, RadioShack has been through many up's and down's, but remains a company looking to be a pioneer in the technology space. From the early days in Boston MA, selling Amateur / Ham Radio's, the focus of RadioShack has been to bring new technology to consumers. 

The evolution of RadioShack has a recurring theme that remains today. In the 1960's, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy when Charles Tandy saw the potential of the electronics market, and purchased the company. This was a major move for Tandy, which was a leather goods company looking to enter into the hobbyist market. 

RadioShack released the Tandy TRS-80 in August 1977. The TRS-80 was the first complete pre-assembled home computer on the market, and led the company into the PC market with the release of the Tandy 1000 in 1984. The TRS-80 also paved the way for the extremely popular Color Computer 1, 2, and 3, which are affectionately known by enthusiasts as the CoCo line of Tandy computers.

Over the the lifetime of the company, RadioShack has gone through multiple declines, changes in ownership, restructuring, and rebuilding, but the focus has always been in bringing the latest technology to consumers. RadioShacks latest development is right in line with the DNA of the company. 

Can RadioShack bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream?

According to the companies latest focus change under the new leadership of the company Tai Lopez and Dr. Alex Mehr, "Our mission is to be the first protocol to bridge the gap to mainstream usage of DeFi". This is yet another major move for a company that has lasted over a century by adapting and pioneering new ideas.

"RadioShack has one objective: Distribution and usage by millions of individuals but possibly more important, by hundreds of blue-chip, large corporations as their gateway into becoming blockchain companies."

This is a similar move to one that RadioShack made when Charles Tandy purchased the company and focused on bringing home computers to the mainstream. It was a new technology, undeveloped for mass usage, but RadioShack found a way to bridge the gap and bring pre-assembled home computers to the consumer. RadioShack once again finds itself under new leadership, and focusing on bridging the gap to bring a new technology to the mainstream consumers.

RadioShack believes that "The need for a bridge between the CEOs who control the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies will most likely come in the form of a well-known, century-old brand."

They also believe that they are just the company to do it. 

RadiosShack's partnership with Atlas USV, which they call a "Symbiosis", will be the pipeline to the launch of RadioShack DeFi Token Swap. The Universal Store of Value (USV) is a decentralized DeFi base layer that will give RadioShack the platform toward their mission.

The need for large companies to lead the way in cryptocurrency adoption is apparent. The mainstream will most likely follow large companies in adoption of the new technology before following the current average Blockchain and cryptocurrency advocates. With a name that is known worldwide, RadioShack is once again pivoting and focusing on bringing the latest technology to the mainstream.


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