Over the years, most of my articles have been written for working adults, but I have a passion for helping the younger generations, so this one is specifically for the teens and young adults in the world. 

About a year ago, I had a young man who I worked with ask me a very good question. He asked me what one bit of advice I would give the 20's version of myself, and without hesitation I told him what I am about to tell you. If I were to tell my younger self one very important thing, I would tell him to find his purpose and find it quickly.

The young man told me that was a powerful bit of advice, and we talked about it a bit further. When I was in high school, my passion was computer technology. In school I took every computer, business, and shop class I could get on my schedule, and I was not only good at it, I really enjoyed it. In my senior yearbook, I wrote that my goal was to earn a degree in computer science. I did earn an associates in Computer Technology and a Bachelors in Information Technology and Management. I then landed a job at FujiFilm Medical Systems, and it appeared that I was hitting that path I set out for when leaving High School. I was proud to work for a huge international name, and had no plans to leave.

But then.....

About 4 years in, things did not feel right. I was not seeing many promotional opportunities, I was stressed all the time, and I was not present with my family and friends. Something had to change, so I began applying to other tech companies. Over the next several years I had interviews with Dell, Dropbox, Cononical, Apple, and countless other tech companies, but nothing ever opened up. 

Finally I could not take it, and an opportunity to work for myself in the life insurance industry opened up, so I jumped.

No safety net was in place.....

What a scary position to be in, but I had to do something and it did not appear that any other tech opportunities were opening up for me. I spent the next two years in the life and health insurance industries, with a short stop in logistics, but nothing was working out for me.

Then came Covid-19 and in March of 2020, I was let go from my position in business development because our system of face to face development was put on hold and nobody knew how long. I accepted a position back in Pennsylvania and the company paid to move us from NC back to the Pittsburgh area. They started me in April, advanced me a week vacation for the birth of our second son. Everything fell into place and appeared to be going well. I returned to work the following Tuesday and on Thursday of that week, Covid-19 struck again. I was told that they eliminated my position. Apparently Covid-19 hit them financially a little harder than they had expected. 

It was the hardest drive home and I sat in the driveway for a very long time talking myself into entering the condo we Just moved into, to face my wife and two sons. 

Since that day God has really taken care of our family and my wife accepted an amazing position in oncology in a stem cell transplant department. We decided that I had to stay home with the boys until after Covid-19, and I would take the time to regroup and figure out the next step. 

All along, through many years, I kept applying to tech jobs and nothing opened up for me. Then one day recently, my wife mentioned to me how persistent I have been over the years and no other doors have opened in IT, maybe its not what I am supposed to be doing. I quickly argued that its what my degrees are in, it has always been my passion, and my dream since High school. 

That's when it hit me.....

All these years, many years, I HAVE BEEN CHASING MY PASSION, NOT MY PURPOSE.

Examining my purpose lately has brought to my attention that what drives me is teaching others, mentoring others, helping others, and leading others to be a better version of themselves. I am a servant and am driven to uplift people. My passion over all these years was not my purpose, and I spent all that time chasing the wrong thing. I encourage everyone that is reading this, especially the younger generations, to take the time right now to find your purpose. 

Your passion will only take you so far, but your purpose will fulfill you.