The trials that we go through in life can be overwhelming, leaving us feeling helpless and alone. No matter what anyone around you does or say's, it does not seem to ever make the situation any easier to navigate through. Stress, Anxiety, and panic attacks certainly do not help during these times. In fact, the stress of life's trials often trigger anxiety and panic attacks in some of us, and a panic attack can leave a person feeling as if everything is out of control.

When your in the middle of the battle, always remember there is "Growth Through The Storm". The growth can be knowledge, wisdom, spiritual, or a number of other areas, but it is important to recognize where the growth is as you push through the storm, so you can come out of it a better version of yourself. In the end, if you have recognized growth, then the trials served are for a larger purpose. God knows the purpose, but the problem for many is we get so wrapped up in the storm, that we fail to recognize the opportunity to grow.

"When your in the middle of the battle, always remember there is growth through the storm"

That oversight of the growth potential is a true sign of lack of faith. I can say this from experience. The times that I had the greatest lessons were on the other side of major storms, but it was in the middle of the storm that I finally asked God into the boat to help me get out of the storm. At that moment when I turn my attention to God and have faith is him is when I begin the journey of discovering the growth that will come out of the trials.

Growth comes from pain, growth comes from trials, growth comes from valleys and storms, but growth cannot be possible without the faith that you will overcome the current situation. While fighting through the battle, you also have to recognize that what you are going through will help you on the other side. By taking in what you are going through, and processing it in a way that looks toward the future, this allows you to continue moving forward with faith that you will not only get through, but will be a better version of yourself on the other side.

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Before The Miracle, You Have To Trust The Process
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