Learn to be a good steward of God's money. The Lord will not bless you financially if you are not dealing well with his money. Realize when you quit a job with a plan, the plan might not go the way you intended, and might go further in the negative direction than you ever imagined. Also know that you will never be prepared for everything that can happen. There is more that is out of your control than you think or believe. You need to accept this truth before leaving a job. Never leave a job with no plan, unless your health is truly in danger. There is no amount of money or material wealth that can replace good health.

Though your journey might go further in a negative direction than you thought possible, it is that time in the storm that you need to somehow quiet yourself, and learn to trust the Lord. Remember, when you are in the middle of the storm, and feel as if you are alone, God is sitting on the mountaintop watching over you. Place your trust in him and he will see you through the storm. The greater the storm, the greater opportunity to stretch your faith and grow.

Until Next Time,
Before The Miracle, You Have To Trust The Process