Last night, we had a meeting in Charlotte, and during the meeting, I got some bad news. Typically in circumstances like that, the drive home would be full of anxiety and stress, but last night was different. I even did a self check, because I noticed how calm I was. During the drive home, I realized God was truly with me, and for a moment in time during that drive, God and I had a conversation. Not in an audible sense, but through my spirit, he was answering my questions, and giving me guidance. I said out loud, God give me guidance. I am obviously not where you want me to be, give me direction. He once again reminded me of all the times that he instructed me to use my online presence to glorify his name, and that he would take care of the rest. He told me to start writing and sharing what he has done for me, and in the next 15 days he will show me where I need to be.

It has been since we started going to Elevation Church in May of 2019 that God has been telling me to use my online platform to glorify his name, and he will take care of the rest. Recently, when hiring managers for Tech positions were passing me up, I said God, you tell me to ask you and I shall receive, knock and the door shall be open, then why is nothing working? He told me that I had been doing half of what he instructed, but not the half of writing to glorify his name on my personal website. I argued with him a bit like a disobedient child, I can't tell my story on my website, what if I post on another platform? I already share on Facebook and Twitter. He told me that it had to be my personal website. Last night, I asked God what I should write. He said to just start writing, and he would give me the words.

The banner on my website is an ad for a Kindle book, and he instructed me to replace it with artwork I recently made with my new quote, "Before the miracle, you have to trust the process". Last night, I was extremely calm among a time of chaos that make everything feel as if it were imploding. I remained calm knowing that God was with me, and he was very specific on what he was telling me to do. I'm at a spot right now where I know in order to receive God's true and amazing blessings, I have to first be obedient to his commands.

Until Next Time,
Before The Miracle, You Have To Trust The Process