Recently, I was listening to Steve Harvey talk about the importance of taking a huge leap of faith at least once in your life. The type of leap that has you free falling with full faith that God will provide for you and eventually your parachute will open up guiding you to a safe landing, but not before you hit the side of the cliff a few times, scrape up your skin, and get some bruises along the way.

There was truth to what he was saying, and I could relate to so much of it. The only difference was, he was telling the story from the point of view after the landing, while I was listening as I'm hitting the side of the cliff, battered and bruised, waiting for the parachute to open.

His words brought me back to the reason I made the leap of faith in 2018. You see, I realized that in order to grow and expand, I had to take myself completely out of my comfort zone. Though I was in a high stress career, and felt uncomfortable many times, there was still a sort of comfort level with the familiarity of my day after a 13 year career. After much thought and prayer, endless talks with my wife, and planning with my management, I decided it was time to do something previously against anything I would ever do, and I jumped. I looked down off of the cliff, looked back at my 13 year career, and took the leap of faith that has had me free falling ever since.

Beaten and battered, you would think that I would be looking back wondering what in the world I have done, and yes at one point in time, you would be right, but as I look back, I now realize that I have learned more in the past nearly two years than I have ever learned in my entire life. God has been increasingly teaching me lessons that prior to this experience, I was never quiet enough to listen.

When the world around you appears to be imploding on top of you, and you feel there is nothing else you can do, you realize just how important God is, and how important it is to not only talk to him in prayer, but to also be quiet enough to listen. If and when you decide to go for it all and jump off of the cliff in faith, whether it be a new career direction, moving to a new place, or anything in between, this could be the most important time in your life to listen to God closely. He will provide the direction needed to deploy the parachute.

In the fast paced, busy, and often noisy world we live in, it is often very hard to quiet your mind enough to hear the still soft voice of God. Often times I wonder, "God, if I am to listen to you, then why do you speak to me so quietly, while the enemy remains loud enough that it is hard to block him out?" Recently I learned the answer to this. The enemy is loud because he is always working hard to get your attention from a distance, while God whispers because he is always near. God is close enough to count every hair on your head, so it is up to you to quiet yourself enough to hear him.

Quieting your mind is something that takes practice, and you have to find what works for you. Some use meditation as a way to quiet themselves, others prefer a walk through nature. I have found that certain types of meditation put me to sleep, while others help me quiet my mind without drifting off to dream land. The one place I found that I am able to quiet my mind the most, and really listen to what God is trying to tell me is during worship in church service. While most are singing, and praising during the worship service at Elevation Church, I typically can be found standing in silence with my palms lifted upward at my hips, eyes closed, chin down, listening intently at what God has been trying to tell me all week, and sometimes for months. Among all of the sounds of instruments and singing, this is my quiet time with God. As Steve Harvey said in his speech, do yourself a favor, and once in your life, just jump, and during that time, find your quiet time. Pay attention to what God is trying to tell you, learn from the lessons he will teach you, and through it all, build an incredible faith in God's amazing power and love for you.

Until Next Time,
Before The Miracle, You Have To Trust The Process