Transition in any aspect can be an exciting, rewarding, and frightening time. Some transitions are planned out, while others might appear to be out of nowhere, and although you very well could have planned out some transitions, many do not go as planned. So what do you do when a transition does not go as planned? Do you turn back? Do you regret starting into a transition period, and beat yourself up over it? Do you rush to grab up the first possible solution? I'm hear to tell you from experience, the answer is absolutely no to all of the above. Never go back, never beat yourself up with regrets, and whatever you do, never grab up the first possible solution that comes your way.

So what do you do when your in a transition and nothing is going as planned, or you did not have time to plan? Well, the very first thing to do is just relax. I know, this is much easier said than done. I completely understand this, again from first hand experience, but the truth is, any transition in life will be handled far better if you approach it relaxed, and not stressed. There are never any rational decisions made when the mind is full of stress and anxiety. That is not to say that stress is not important. It can be a great motivator to get things done, however, it can also cause irrational decision making in times when your brain thinks there is a crisis. Your brain switches into survival mode, and the survival thought process is truly only beneficial if you are in immediate danger. This is what causes a person to grab the first job opportunity that opens after separating from his or her job, rather than relaxing a bit, and determining what direction he or she would like to take in the next career move. 

To someone stressed about finances, and the brain thinking their is immediate danger, grabbing the first job opportunity that opens up might appear to be the best decision, but in the end, the wrong career move could potentially make things worse. If however, in a transition, you were able to clear your mind, and relax a bit, releasing your mind from the thoughts of immediate danger, you could reevaluate yourself, and what it is that would make you happy, not what it is that would make you survive. The truth is, in most cases, survival is not the issue, but stress and anxiety will trick your brain into thinking that it is the issue in front of you. By simply taking some time to relax and reflect, you could set yourself up with a far better outcome than living in survival mode that is triggered by stress and anxiety.

The next time you find yourself in a transition in life that is not going as planned, remember to relax. Take some time to reflect on where you were, where you are, and where you want to go, but don't spend too much time beating yourself in the past, or stressing about the future, rather, take that time to determine the best possible plan for getting to where you want to be.

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