As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed writing. From book reports after reading Judy Bloom books to describing my summer adventures in a couple of short paragraphs, writing has been a passion of mine since my elementary school days.

Throughout my life I have had many side projects that allowed me to escape the reality of life a bit, and express my creativity through my writing. From online magazines, to public relations, poetry, and music, writing has been the creative outlet that has balanced my life, but I have not found an avenue to turn my passion into a career, or even another revenue stream. Every time I would start a writing project, it has been on the side, and as soon as something in the rest of my life started taking up more time, more energy, or more attention, the writing project was always the first to be put on a shelf. Placing my passion on hold has been the outcome for many years, while putting more effort into what keeps the food on the table, and the lights on in the home for the immediate future.

Lately, I have been thinking more about how I can turn my passion into a career, or to start, at least another source of income for my family. The more I have thought about it, the more clear it has become to me. What I have to do is, just write.

Sounds simple enough, but this has been an issue for me for many years. In order to turn my passion into a career, I have to just write. No matter what is happening around me, or what other events in my life appear to be taking up more time, I have to commit to just write. Each day, I have to express my ideas, and share them with the world, allowing the roots to take hold, eventually growing into more than a way to escape the pressures of life.

I have come to the bitter conclusion that for far too many years, I have used my passion as an escape from reality, rather than making it a reality. Wow, that is quite a hard pill to swallow. But I also realize, it is not too late to make the commitment needed to turn my life's passion into a career. I have a story to tell, and for every person with a story to tell, there are others with ears to listen, or eyes to read.

So starts my latest adventure, the journey from writing to escape the pressures of the world, to writing for more than just a creative outlet. Many people suggest to turn your passion into a career, well this is my journey to bridge the gap between my passion and my career. I hope you will join my on the new journey, and we can all enjoy the ride.

Until next time.....

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