Original Article Release December 28, 2013 
Like many people, I am on the cliff hanging, anticipating what is going to happen next in part seven of the mini series “Young Disciple”. The series by The Media Kompany and Kre8tor Films, staring TMK recording artist Buck Barnabas, chronicles the path that a young man is on trying to leave what he has known his whole life, the streets, for a new unknown life as a follower of Christ. What he soon finds out is the streets and the people surrounding him are not going to let him go so easily.
Through the first six episodes of the series, Eli, the main character, finds himself in situations that remind him of just how hard it is to leave his old lifestyle alone when all his friends, family, and associates are still deep in the lifestyle with no thoughts of letting him go, especially Prime, the leader of the crew he was with.
When Eli decided to leave the crew, his little brother Marcus found out he still owed Prime some money. Marcus decided to take it upon himself to face prime and try to get Eli out, but in turn got himself wrapped up in something that he was not prepared for or built for. This one act by his little brother started a whirlwind of chain reactions that kept Eli walking a tightrope, trying not to fall back into the streets.
This mini series tells an incredible story of discipleship and how being a disciple is not always going to be a smooth ride. As Eli finds out, asking the Lord into your heart, and trying to change your own ways is not going to change the rest of the world around you.
The Media Kompany and Kre8tor have done an outstanding job of bringing together a group of very talented actors to tell a story that reaches beyond the walls of the church, to an audience that is looking for something that they can relate to. The leading characters in this series give stellar performances that need to be recognized, and the production is top notch professionally edited.
Watch the first episode below, then visit the Young Disciple webpage to continue watching the first six episodes by clicking here.