Do you know what the current temperatures of your customers are? If not, you should always be checking. What does this mean to your organization? You might be saying, “Well my customers are not submitting any complaints, so I have no reason to believe my clients are unhappy”. This mindset will surely get your organization in trouble, as many unhappy customers will express their discontent to others outside of your organization. Your clients might be waiting to hear from you or one of your representatives to file their complaint for something they are unhappy with. If you or your organization never make a follow up visit with a customer, the client will often turn to someone else to express their issue, opening the door wide open for another company to gain new business from your unhappy customer.

Follow up visits are a key to great customer service, and the best way to check the temperature of a client. If a customer uses your device or service, and experience continued issues, many clients might form an opinion that your product or service is junk, and might be waiting for the next purchase cycle to eliminate the “junk”, and replace with another companies offerings. This is unfortunate to any company that does not take the time to check their customers temperature, as the issue could be easily resolved, once the issue is know.

When scheduling important dates through your monthly calendar, be sure to schedule site visit, or call in days to check the temperature of your clients. As the nurse in the ER checks your temperature to be sure there are no high priorities issues with your health, you must be checking the temperature of your clients on a consistent basis to be sure their are no issues that could shortly be costing you business and revenue, as well as long term customer loyalty.