My question for you today is this, “What are your customers saying about you”? If the answer to this question is you do not know, then you need to start engaging with your customers.  In the never quiet, always busy world of business, it is easy to get caught up in the act of finding customers, and producing results, but within that, it is just as easy to forget the small, important details of customer satisfaction. Whether it is finding out what experience a first time customer had with your business, or following up with a repeat customer, who might place an order twice a year, the task of engaging with customers is as important as locating customers for an initial sale.

Always remember, if you are not constantly engaging with customers to find out where their satisfaction and loyalty with your product or service are, then somebody else will be engaging in your place, in order to take away your business. Follow up calls, surveys, emails, letters, and face to face site visits are all part of the customer engagement toolkit that can easily be used. The key is to determine if a customer or client has any issues that you might be able to help resolve, as well as keeping your company, product, and business in their minds.

If you are making initial sales, and wondering why you cannot grow in repeat sales, consider the amount of engagement you have with your current customers, and you might find that while you are disengaged with customers after their initial use of your product or service, someone else was engaging, allowing that company the opportunity to take away your business by not performing the one key task of engaging with your customer base.