For years, one of the self development catch phrases and questions has been “What’s Your Why?”. In every book you read, every course you take, and every speaker you watch, they all ask this one question, and for many of us, we still have not established our deep rooted “Why” when it comes to life, careers, and and overall being. I have repeatedly pondered this exact question, and on many occasions, have attempted to answer this seemingly simple question for myself, but there always appeared to be something missing.
It wasn’t until recently that I was able to truly write a solid, deep rooted, “Why” statement of my own. Recently, my wife and I went to a Dean Graziosi event and we each received a copy of his amazing book “Millionaire Success Habits”. I began reading the book as soon as we got home from the event and quickly finished the book. In his book, Dean describes a great technique for determining your why, and gives his own example. As I read through the description of his “Why” and how he was able to determine it, I could feel the emotion in every letter written on the pages. While reading his transformation and uncovering of his true “Why”, I found myself following along in my own transformation and uncovering. As soon as I was done with that section of the book, I closed it, pulled out my laptop, and began laying out the statement that describes the deep rooted “Why” that I had uncovered while reading, which goes like this…
My “WHY” is to give my wife the choice to work when and where she wants to, not because she has to, but because she chooses to. I also want to be the best example of success to my son, by taking care of my family financially, emotionally, and spiritually, while being a positive example to him of caring for those around me. Giving my son the choice to be whatever he wants to is key to that success, as I do not want him to live through the struggle that my family endured through my childhood. In the end, I want to build a family, a life, and a career that will leave a lasting legacy. I don’t want to just leave a legacy, I want to live a legacy.  
You see, I had previously begun using the tag line “Don’t Leave A Legacy, Live A Legacy” in July of this year. You can read that article here. Though I had it pictured in my mind what that statement meant, I really did not know the true meaning of the tag line that I had adopted. That is until I dug deeper, and found the heartfelt meaning of my “Why”. In order to leave a legacy for my wife, son, and future children, I have to first live that legacy through my actions each day, while passing down the characteristics of that legacy.  My “Why” is for my wife, my “Why” is for my son, my “Why” is for my future children, and the “Why” is for myself, all wrapped into the legacy that I am able to live, and furthermore, leave.
Once you are able to determine, and define your true “Why”, you can start to put together the action plan needed to fulfill your calling, as well as have the ambition to push forward when times get tough, which there is no doubt they will get tough. If you have not yet found your true “Why”, take the time now to determine it. Once you do, you will truly understand the importance of defining your why.