Customer service is an on going process in any and all business ventures. Whether your a one person team, or an organization with thousands of employees, customer service is a part of your business that is not departmental, and should never be overlooked. Customer service tends to be placed in a department, but the truth is, your companies customer service department is the entire organization, and one of the biggest issues that damages your companies relationship with your customers across all departments is “The Follow Through”. A customer, whether satisfied or not, will not necessarily voice their opinion to the “Customer Service” department, rather, the first person he or she can contact. This could be the front desk staff at a hotel, the store counter clerk, the janitor, the customer service phone line, and the list goes on. In fact the list goes on to include every single person that works within your organization, and many times, the complaint, or even the positive feedback will stop at that person, never making it to the designated customer service team for proper follow through.

This can be and probably is a major issue that is costing your business customers and revenue. When a customer calls in with an issue, and the first person he or she speaks to is the accounting manager for instance, do you know for sure that the message is being relayed properly to the customer service team? This customer complaint could be left on a voice mail message, and never go any further than the delete button if an employee has the “This is not my department” mindset. With customer service, there is no department, and customer satisfaction must be accomplished by every department within your organization.

If your company has not done so already, it is time to put a system in place to educate all departments on the importance of customer service, and the follow through. Whether in the form of positive feedback, or negative feedback, all customer correspondence must be forwarded to the customer service team for follow up and follow through, if it cannot be handled by the department originating the feedback. Even if the issue is properly handled by the original department, there is still a need for additional follow up by the customer service team to verify customer satisfaction, therefore the customer service team should be notified of any and all complaints for further follow through.

Customer service should remain a team effort, that is handled organization wide, with constant communication not only with the customers, but within every department internally. This will ensure customer satisfaction and growth in customer loyalty.