There are many lists of things to do to create a great experience for your customers, and depending on who you ask, their own personal opinions will differ.
Of course, there are the tried and true tips of being courteous, always smiling, show your customers you care, etc., but there will always be some things that you can do extra to improve the customers experience. Some will be easy to implement in an organization, and others will take a bit more planning to make sure they are done correctly. This list features 10 simple to implement tips to create a great customer experience.

1.) Give each customer your full attention. Never handle more than one customers issue at once.

2.) Respond to a customer in a timely manner.

3.) Always follow up with a customer by email, phone, etc.

4.) Know your customer. Ask questions that can tell you a bit more about your customers by the answers they give.

5.) Ask customers “What can we change?” and “How can we do better?”

6.) Make the changes most suggested by customers.

7.) Do something extra for a customer (Go above and beyond). Make a customers issue a teaching opportunity to provide more value to your product or service.

8.) Write a hand written “Thank You” note or response.

9.) Give customers easy access to contact you 24/7 by phone, email, etc.

10.) When you see an opportunity to truly make a customers experience over the top outstanding, “WOW” the customer.