Original Article Release February 14, 2014 
Hard guitar riffs, great drum beats, solid lyrics, and an outstanding rockers voice.  That about sums up The Band Apollo. If I wanted to, I could end this article with that one sentence, but there is so much more that I would like to say about this band. It’s not everyday that I start playing a brand new band and within ten seconds of a song, I’m already thinking, I have to find out more about this band and listen to the rest of their song. The most amazing part about it is the only thing I heard in the first ten seconds of their song “Take The Heat” was an acoustic guitar. This was not your ordinary guitar riff however.  There was something about the guitar riff that just rocked. It just pulled me in for the ride, all the way through to the first vocal, and to the final note of the song. If an acoustic guitar riff can rock like that, I knew the rest of this song and this band in general has to be over the top great listening.
The first time I listened to the song, I was caught up in the musical composition and how well everything flowed together.  Every note of every instrument, every beat of the drum, crash of the symbol, all fit together in a perfect head bouncing, fist pumping track.  When the song finished, I was amazed that despite my usual attention to lyrics, I had listened to very little of the lyrics in this song the first time around.  This is in no way a bad thing, in fact, it was surprising to me. So I went back and listened again, this time listening to the lyrics. All I have to say after the second time through is amazing. This song has what I like to call substance.
After doing some searching, I quickly found the bands website and other media pages. The Band Apollo is made up of Jonathan Johnston on vocals, JTru on the drums, and Ben Packard on the electric guitar.  The band is a 2014 New England Music Awards Nominee and are signed to Dirty Chair Records.  There EP includes the songs “Take The Heat”, “Bad Company”, and “Little Red Dress”. As I listened to the song “Bad Company”, I quickly realized that this band is very versitile, as this song was far different than the first song I listened to, yet just as amazing. Also including substance in the lyrics, telling a great story. The vocalist shows another side of his incredible vocal skills as he sings this pop/rock song with a style that can easily be heard on radio station play lists. A style that the band likes to call Rock / Swag Rock.
The last song that I listened to from the EP is “Little Red Dress”.  This song brings the band back to the edgier rock riffs and drum beats.  With a solid bass line on the drums, and deep background vocals throughout the song, this track has more of a souther rock sound to it.  Throw in a great guitar solo, and this track keeps the listener rocking.  Again, the band did not slip on the lyrics, as this song also tells a great story. The jam session to finish out the song adds a nice element to the track.
Bands of this quality do not come by every day.  The Band Apollo is definitely one of the rare bands out there with raw musical talent and lyrical writing skills.