Original Article Release January 22, 2014 
I sat down tonight and listened to the Google Play Alt/Indie 2014 Artists To Watch and one of the bands really caught my ear. Saint Raymond is an incredible artist out of Nottingham, United Kingdom. His song Young Blood was featured on the Google Play list of artists to watch, and the song definitely left me wanting to hear more from him, so I naturally Googled him to find out more. Saint Raymond currently has two EP albums. The first, “Escapade”, was released on May 28th, 2013.  Following that EP was his latest, “Young Blood” which was just released on January 21st, 2014.
As I listened to the Escapade EP, I could not help but want to get up out of my chair and dance enthusiastically around the house. The first track “Fall At Your Feet” begins with a great sounding drum beat with a groovy guitar riff. As he began to sing the lyrics “Stop, Stop, Go”, I knew this was going to be a great song, just by the way the lyrics were presented. For the next few minutes, I found myself sitting with my eyes closed, taking in every note and vocal of the song, and soaking in the great vibes of the song.
The second song, “Everything She Wants” is another upbeat track with a faster vibe than “Fall At Your Feet”. The chorus in this track is very catchy, “If I Could Give Her, Give Her, Give Her, Everything She Wants” is the type of catchy phrase that could get stuck in a persons head for days.
If you close your eyes and listen to the third song on the EP, “The River”, you could easily imagine a group of people standing in the crowd, dancing with flowing hair and jumping around while the Saint Raymond plays this rhythmic masterpiece. Living free, and loving every moment of it.
“Letting Go” is the fourth and last song on the Escapade EP.  This song is a bit different than the rest of the tracks.  It is more laid back with a bit of a dubstep feel to the beat when it drops into the chorus.  There is a moment in the song when everything drops but the guitar riff and melodic background sounds that just captures you and delivers you to the end of the song.
The title track “Young Blood” from the EP continues the amazing lyrical and musical writing of Saint Raymond, but I think the lyrics of the second track, “Bonfire”, might be the best written of all the tracks.   I was able to catch an acoustic version of the song which was as amazing as the full track.  If “Bonfire” is the best written, The first track “As We Are Now” has the best chorus and vibe of all of the songs, and could easily be considered the Saint Raymond anthem.
Saint Raymond really struck me with his amazing song writing abilities and the tremendous talent that this artists has. I quickly came to the same conclusion as Google Play, that Saint Raymond is an artist to most definitely watch in 2014.