Original Article Release June 19, 2014 
On the eve of the release of the first single off of Kenny Chesney’s latest album, I can’t help but feel excitement for what the new album and the single “American Kids” will sound like. Kenny Chesney has always put an incredible amount of time and work into every detail of his projects, and I would expect nothing less with his album.
Over the years, I have become a huge fan of Chesney’s coastal themed songs, and they have become a sound track of my summers spent with my wife and now three year old son. The beach is where we long to be, and every trip to the beach has always had Kenny Chesney on the radio while the sun rays shined across the dashboard. Cruising down some coastal highway with the windows down, and the wind blowing a warm summer breeze, Kenny Chesney tracks just seem to fit the moment every time.
In a recent press release, Kenny explains that the new album has an emphasis on great songs, pushing the boundaries without betraying who he is. I believe in an artist evolving. It is important for a long lasting career.  I am looking forward to finding out how Chensey has chosen to evolve, but at the same time staying true to who he has been over the past 15 albums.
As a huge fan of music in general, and an appreciation for the art work that is Kenny Chesney’s music, I am looking forward to reviewing his latest musical project.
You can catch the NSR world premiere of Kenny Chesney‘s new song “American Kids” tomorrow morning June 20th at 6 am ET / 3 am PT! Listen viawww.noshoesradio.com, the free KC apps, and TuneIn(http://bit.ly/NSRonTI).