Original Article Release July 14, 2014

Tim McGraw’s latest single “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” ft. Faith Hill has had me thinking a lot within the past week. Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but be transported to times that I just can’t get back. In a world that is so fast paced, I have learned to appreciate and love the things that I used to swear I would never miss. Growing up, I was hell bent on leaving the country for the bright lights of the big city, and I swore I would never turn back. The country life was far too slow and quiet for my young and restless soul.

The older I get, the more I appreciate every detail of a back country road. The fresh air and green fields that roll across the countryside give me a sense of peace that I had never imagined when I was a kid. As I drive on the very roads I grew up on, I am taken back at the beauty of God’s canvas, and can’t believe that I never realized the true beauty of it all until recently. The mountains, the valleys, the simple things that I took for granted as a kid, are all becoming things I am finding I can’t live without.

I followed my heart’s desire and have worked in big cities along the east coast. I am finding as I get older that you truly can never forget where you came from. Your roots are the DNA of your heart. The faster you run away from the very place you come from, the more you miss it. Listening to “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” has really made me miss a few things that as hard as I would ever try, I could never get back. Things I have hid from the banks of my memory for years. Sharing the times at tractor pulls with my dad and an uncle who has since passed away, enjoying the horses that my parents owned, but pretended not to enjoy as much as I did. Spending days from sun up to sun down fishing along the riverbank or on the lake with my grandfather and cousin. The days when time seemed to just sit still for a minute. With this fast paced world that we are living in, I am lucky to get an hour free to cast a line and just breathe a deep breath. The times that I spend with my family just driving a back road have become the most amazing and peaceful part of my week. I have come to realize that the man made cities can in no way compare to God’s canvas that is painted across the countryside. If there was only one important life lesson I could teach my son, it would be to enjoy the simple things in life with the people you love.