Original Article Release January 7, 2014 
After reviewing a couple of songs from artists that to be honest were not that good, I had four songs in  a row come across from the same artist. The first song was good, the second song was better, and by the third song, I was thinking, this artist is really great. Finally, the fourth song in a row from the same artist started, and by that time I knew her voice. I also knew the name Manika. After listening to the fourth song and writing a review, I was convinced, this girl has what it takes to be a breakout pop star. When I was finished for the night, I wrote her name, and the name of the fourth song that I reviewed down in a notebook.
The next evening, I sat down at my desk and Googled Manika. What I found was an amazingly talented young artist, and to my complete surprise an incredible manager. When I say incredible, I mean legendary. Manika was not discovered by just any manager. In fact, she was found by Frank DiLeo, the manager of the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. After moving from Las Vegas, where she grew up, to Hollywood, Manika’s career began to really move forward.  What’s amazing about this young artist is that among other fast accomplishments, within the first year of her career, she performed in front of sold out crowds across the nation while touring with One Direction.
The song that I reviewed for radio play is not released yet, but after listening to some of the tracks from her debut album “Manika (Double Album)”, which includes her top 40 hit “My Way”, I noticed that every song she releases is more polished and better than the last. She has an incredible talent and the management that is needed to continue her path until she gets to that “Breakout Moment”.  She is an artist that I describe as having the “It Factor”, that special thing that sets an artist apart from the rest, and I am sure when her latest track get’s released, it will hit the pop top 40 charts quickly.
To find out more about Manika, visit www.manika-music.com