There are many life coaches, speakers, and self development experts that will all say the same thing. In order to greatly improve yourself, you must find a mentor. As many times as I have heard this, it was not until recently that I not only realized this, but witnessed it first hand. As much as I have grown and improved myself year after year, there were two things I never really invested time into. The first was simply realizing the mentors I already had in my life, and the second was finding additional mentors to add to my network, as well as plugging into what they had to teach.
One important thing that many overlook is that a mentor does not have to be someone you know. A mentor could be anyone that you can learn from, whether in person, through a conference, training, or simply from the most powerful words throughout an amazing book. One such life coach that has become a mentor for me this past year is Tony Robbins. Since I decided to dive into his teaching in early 2017, I have listened to and read hours upon hours of his content, soaking in his amazing knowledge. From personal growth to finance, Tony Robbins has gathered information from his own knowledge as well as some of the brightest minds in the world, compiled in an easy to digest way in audio, video, and print. When I first started reading and listening to his content, I knew he was great at what he does, but as the past year went on, I soon began changing my mindset and viewing him as more of a mentor. As I begin 2018, if a person were to ask me who my mentors are, Tony Robbins would definitely with out a doubt be on that list, even though I have never personally met him. This is what led me to become an affiliate partner of his toward the last part of 2017, with the opportunity to share his coaching products with others. If your interested in checking out some of his most popular products and coaching programs, visit my online store Here.
In recent months, I have been taking on a new venture in the financial market, and have added John C. Maxwell as well as Dean Graziosi to my list of mentors to learn from, but the recent list does not stop at coaches and speakers who are still living. I have been reading Napolean Hill for a few years, but never realized he was a mentor of mine until the last couple of months, even though he describes in his book “The Law Of Success” about gathering together a panel of influential men both living and non living. This might have been the seed that was planted that would eventually lead me to create a list of mentors that I never met in person. Along with Napoleon Hill on my mentor list is Jim Rohn. The many speeches he had given over the years still hold truth today, and there is still a lot that can be learned from his amazing teaching.
During the first few months of my new venture, I have met and established a couple men as my direct mentors. Those mentors that I have met, and quickly placed not only value, but trust in what they can teach me along the way. These key mentors have the ability to teach me so much about the industry through action both in person, and remotely, while the remainder of my established mentors can teach me personal growth, finance, and business knowledge through their written, audio, and video teaching.
Once you start to build a list of mentors, you will find the speed of your growth will increase drastically, as long as you not only learn from, but implement what they are teaching. When learning from a mentor, you must be teachable. A mentor can teach you very little without your willingness to learn, so get out there, build your list of mentors, and make it a personal desire to be teachable.
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