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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Don't Leave A Legacy, Live A Legacy

The idea and topic of leaving a legacy is one that I have heard many times throughout my life. People might ask, “So what do you want your legacy to be?”, or “What legacy do you want to leave behind?”. Lately I have given the topic some serious thought, and during a conversation with a great and long time friend, I shared with him not to leave a legacy, but to live a legacy.

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It is one thing to tell others what legacy you would like to leave behind, but in order to leave a legacy, you must first live what you want your legacy to be.If you want your legacy to be that of riches, then you must live every day of your life building a legacy of wealth to leave behind. If you want your legacy to be that of making the world a better place, then you must live every day of your life making a positive change in the world. That is what builds a legacy worth leaving.
If you have children, they are an integral part of the legacy you will leave. If you wish to leave a legacy behind of helping others, then look no further than the little eyes that are watching your every move, and learning from your actions. It is through your actions, that the legacy you leave behind will continue through them. If you live every day of your life to help others, the legacy you leave in the actions of your children will be that of helping others. If presented the opportunity to help a complete stranger while walking down the road, and you choose to ignore, or walk away from the person asking for help, you are in deed living a legacy. It will not, however, be the legacy that you would like to leave, as your children will live by the example that you are living.
What if today were your last day on earth? Is there anything you would wish that you had accomplished? More than likely, if you knew today was your last day, whatever you would wish you had done, is probably the legacy you wish to leave. There is no better time than right now, right this second, to start living your legacy. Don’t wait to Leave A Legacy, Live A Legacy.
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