No matter how great of an organization you run, the truth is, there will always be complaints. Not every customer will be satisfied, and not every customer will be easy to satisfy. The key is to make sure everything that could possibly be done in order to satisfy a customer has been done before he or she walks away from a situation. Many organizations place much of the focus when dealing with complaints on particular customer facing employees, such as the front desk staff of a hotel, or a call center, but the truth is, all employees must be trained to deal with complaints.

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Complaints can come in at anytime, and anywhere within your organization. The last thing you need is an employee that does not know how to properly handle such situations. It is a sure fire way of taking an angry customer, and turning them into a non-customer, before having a change to resolve their issue. Your organization should have a written strategy for dealing with complaints, and every employee should know each step of the strategy. This written document should explain how to approach an issue, how to document an issue, and how to escalate an issue. There should also be well written instructions explaining how to know when an issue is out of hand, and needs to be escalated.

If your organization does not currently have a strategy for dealing with customer complaints, this should be a priority in 2017. Once a strategy is put into place, it is important to have all current employees trained, and a plan put in place to train any future newly hired employees. It takes hard work to find customers, and even more effort to keep them. For this reason alone, it is imperative to have a plan, as well as a properly written customer service strategy, and the entire organization trained when it is time to properly deal with a complaint.