Original Article Release October 10, 2014 
Crucifix is quickly becoming the go to artist that others want to collaborate with, as he has been on an all out collaboration take over in recent months. The list of features for Crucifix continues to grow, and there is no slowing down in site. His latest feature is on the Whyte Hawk Sui single “Falling Again” featuring Crucifix , Brabo Gator, and David Ray. This time not only helping lay down a smooth hook, but slaying the microphone with his spitfire lyrical flow that fans have recognized as undeniably refreshing to the hip hop music scene. The soldier representing the Cruce Signati Rebels has joined a strong cast of underground artists to bring another banger to life. David Ray joins Crucifix on the hook with an incredible blend of lyrical vocals.
The cast of lyricists gathered by Whyte Hawk throw down hard hitting verses bringing to life the struggles of living, loving, and music, each with their own twist on the dream through their own eyes. Adversity hits every one of us throughout life, but it’s not the fall that’s important, it’s whether we stand back up and continue stronger and more determined to reach our dreams that represents character. Do we allow life to keep us down, or do we brush ourselves off and continue pressing forward. This is the choice every one of us has when faced with the battles of life. “Falling Again” represents the struggle and the fight.
As Crucifix continues on the path to worldwide recognition, he can add this track to his resume, knowing that once again, he has brought his signature sound to a track with substance and style he can truly call his own. Leaving fans once again with an increasing hunger for more.
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