Original Article Release June 22, 2014
Six months ago, almost to the day, I was scouting new artists, when I ran across a band that absolutely blew me away. I had been thinking about launching a new website, and the band BlackTop Mojo was the band that I decided to write about for the first article at The Spot. Since the launch of the website, and the article release, BlackTop Mojo has been hard at work, and recently launched their full length album “I Am”.
Recently, after a long day, I came home to a small package that was delivered to me from the guys at BlackTop Mojo. After ripping it open, I found a copy of the new album and a note from the guys. The next morning during my commute, I dropped the CD in the player and from the very first song “Open Road”, this album picked up where the bands previous songs left off. Kick ass southern rock was blazing the speakers of my GMC Terrain throughout Pittsburgh. The southern roots are definitely prevalent in this album, but the bands versatility spans well beyond hard riffs and southern rock.
The first song on the album “Open Road” quickly brings the listener into the life of BlackTop Mojo. The rocking continues through “The River” and the album title song “I Am” before slowing down for a deep track titled “Why”, which many listeners can relate to. The day we all long for at some point of time or another in our lives. The day we can find our way in this crazy life we all live.
“Trouble On The Rise” is a well written track that is as deep in the southern roots as a song can get. The story, rhythm, drums, guitar, and vocals are a perfect blend of talent throughout this song leading to one of the best endings of any song that I ever heard. With a hard guitar, and drum beat that pounds your ear drums with one hell of a rhythm, my head was bouncing as the song ended, leaving me with the need to listen to the ending a few more times.
As the album continues through songs like “Thrive”, “I Will Ramble On”, “Next Bullet”, and “Johnny Red”, the listener by now should have a perfect idea of who BlackTop Mojo is. A hard hitting band of rebels with a great talent for lyrical writing. Fighting demons on the open road. Living the life of a rambler armed with guitars, drums, and microphones.
After listening to the first nine songs, the last track on the album “Back Home” took me by complete surprise, and is the most intimately written composition of lyrics on the album. I found myself listening to this song for the first time, and losing myself in the lyrics, as they tell the story that we can all tell from our own lips. In the end, judgement can be cast upon any of us, but if we know our way back home, with nothing to hide, the stones that others throw cannot burden us any more.
When listening to an album, the hope is to at least find a few songs that you really enjoy, or speak to you in a way that would lead you to listen to them more than once. This album has 10 songs that I would definitely listen to and not skip past when the album is playing.
To find out more about BlackTop Mojo, visit their website at http://www.blacktopmojo.com/
You can purchase the new album “I Am” at iTunes and Amazon