Original Article Release August 31, 2014

This seems to happen to me a lot. It is 2:30 in the morning. I was just about to wrap it up and log out for the night, when I came across an artist that caught my attention. I visited his website and what I found changed my plans for the moment. I started to listen to Nate Feuerstein’s track “All I Have” and was captured from the very moment he opened his mouth and started spitting. When I say spitting, I truly mean spitting flames. Like bullets from the tongue, NF hit every syllable with a machine gun like flow. In this powerful track, he speaks of real life struggles that not only he has suffered through, but every artist and every listener has been through. From the loss of loved ones, and the struggle to make it in the rap game. Struggles of being a Christian, and facing the reality that he is not perfect, just trying to grow, and make it before breaking to the stresses of the world. It does not take long for the listener to come to the conclusion that NF writes and records 100% from the heart with no additives. Pure lyrics from the soul, written from trials and tribulations, as well as the desire to make a positive impact.

After watching the official music video for “All I Have”, I listened to his song “Wake Up” which starts out with a mellow vibe and the artist singing over the rhythm of a piano, showing his true vocal ability as well, which caught me a bit by surprise. Nate Feuerstein is most definitely a well rounded, and very talented artist. Once again, as he started into his lyrical flow, it was as if he opened the door to his heart, welcoming everyone who will listen into his deepest thoughts and emotions. Telling the story of living life stuck in empty dreams. This track is a powerful story of the reality of so many people in this world that live their life in the coma of a false reality. Striving everyday in the pursuit of something that they soon forget even exists, 10569005_785196114835890_5105172565581464828_nand in that moment, the thin line between reality and fantasy becomes too blurred to distinguish the difference. This is when each of us has to “Wake Up”.

Next on the list, is the song “Hands Up”, and this track is just crazy. NF shows a different side of him on the rock influenced hook, all the while, mixing a smooth flow with incredible lyrics. Another rock influenced track, “This Thing Called Love” has a great guitar riff, and distorted lyrics that really work well in this track. The slower lyrical style of this song put the artist on another level with me. The previous tracks, had the tendency to sound like other artists, but this track, pulled him a part from other artists by showing a different level of his artistic style.

One of the deepest songs that I have heard from Nate Feuerstein puts his vocal skills on display, as he sings a heart felt letter to the tune of the piano. The track “Goodbye” is an emotional letter that showcases the incredible vocal abilities of NF.

After sitting through this listening session, I am impressed by the skillful writing, delivery style, and quality of work put out by NF. His deep and direct style of spreading truth as well as sharing his faith is done in a way that has the potential to speak to many people.